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Sweet Potato Madness: Life’s Secret Starch

Sweet potatoes are much more than just delicious, they’re healthy. These are eight facts about sweet potatoes you may not know:

1. Sweet potatoes contain natural sugars, which is beneficial for people who are diabetic because they can regulate their sugar and insulin levels.

2. Sweet potatoes have a high amount of fiber and helps get rid of constipation!

3. If you have low levels of vitamin A, the carotenoids help the human body produce more.

4. Vitamin D helps you keep a healthy function thyroid, strong teeth, bones, hair, and skin.

5. A sweet potato’s is rich in potassium to help you control your blood pressure and balance your electrolytes. This is a good tactic to help promote long-term prevention of stroke, heart attack and other ailments.

6. If you’re an athlete or someone who enjoys regular exercise, sweet potatoes can help reduce cramps and bloating.

7. Also, this helps get rid of free-radicals in the body. The beta-carotene in this super food fights arthritis and asthma.

8. Potassium helps your body regulate stress by giving the body a better balance, boosting oxygen flow, and normalizing your heart rate.