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The 12 Most Powerful Celebs On Earth

12. “The Game of Thrones” stars

The “Thrones” cast has such headlining talent that enabled them to make it one of the greatest TV series. It’s even helped people branch out to worlds, such as “Star Wars.”

11. “The Big Bang Theory” stars

When it comes to weekday prime time TV, there’s nothing like CBS. The stars Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco were all able to make a cool million per episode.

10. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan was a bit stuck in his roles. However, “Deadpool” came out of nowhere. It was a huge look for him and became a major box office success.

9. Kanye West

From political and social issues, Kanye gravitates toward controversy like flies to poop. In the midst of this, he’s recently shown his prowess in fashion. He’s helped Adidas build a revenue of over 3 billion dollars in Yeezy.

8. Taylor Swift

You never know what Taylor Swift has up her sleeve. It may be something from her personal life that catches your attention, or her breaking a music record. Either way, make sure you pay attention to what she does next.

7. Justin Bieber

No musician better proved their might as a singles artist than Bieber. With “Yummy” headed to the top of the charts, he’s preparing for his new album release after a 4-year break. i

6. Adele

Adele is what you call a timeless talented. The gifted singer has made massive hits and broken album sales records.

5. Chris Pratt

Whether you enjoy drama or comedy, Pratt always shows up for the task. He’s become America’s Sweetheart (kind of like male version of Julia Roberts).

4. Jennifer Lawrence

Here’s a breakout star that’s been in “The Hunger Games” and the X-Men films of the last decade. Her star power continues to rise.

3. Drake

The glow up is real with guy. He has music that touches multiple genres. We’re curious to see what he has in store for us in 2020.

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Here’s man that became a star in sports entertainment. He’s transitioned into full time actor. Not only that, but he’s grown as a producer, writer, and host.

1. Beyonce

Since 2003, Beyonce has given us countless albums to enjoy. She puts out great content that’s able to live on forever.