Recipes For When You're Vegan And Broke


If you earn a low income, it can be very difficult to try and maintain a whole-food, organic and/or vegan lifestyle. In most Western societies, these fresh and Whole Foods are more expensive. Food manufacturers tend to target low-income shoppers with cheap and toxic foods, because it's easier to mass produce.

What exactly is a whole-food lifestyle? You avoid foods like non-organic, non-organic meat, commercial corn, soy and canola, and anything with pesticides.

It's hard to get on this type of diet when you live on a tight budget and have other mouths to feed. So what can you eat? Do some research before doing conventional grocery store shopping.


Hormones and antibiotics

Livestock animals are usually fed growth hormones, antibiotics, and GMO feed. Not only are these poisonous, but they cause development issues in children, cancer and infertility.


Although pesticides are a staple of conventional commercial farming, they may cause birth defects, nerve damage and cancer in adults and children.


A great debate exists over fluoride, a neurotoxin that causes infertility and has been linked to cancer development and heart disease. MSG, another toxin, can be found in many packaged foods. Aspartame is an ingredient in many diet drinks, which hasshown to cause brain cell death, headaches, depression, and seizure.

What to buy when you're broke:

Grains & meat

Grains (brown rice). Pasta (couscous, quinoa, barley). Also, you want grass-fed organic or at least hormone & antibiotic free meat.

Fruits and vegetables

If you can't get organic produce, go for fruits and vegetables that have been exposed to as little pesticides as possible. Good options include apples (peeled), asparagus, avocados, cabbage, cantaloupe, grapefruit, and mushrooms.

Dairy products

Conventional dairy products are loaded with hormones, passed on from dairy cows. These hormones are suspected to cause male/female sex attribute confusion as well as early puberty in girls. Organic dairy is safer due to the cattle eating healthier food and being free of antibiotics.


Try to buy a large jug of mineral water for healthier consumption.

Grow Your food

Growing a garden of food can be a good way to save money and get your healthy eating. It's a good way to get more organic food and help you in times of need.

Cut down

Eat smaller meals and start consuming oatmeal to fill you up and reduce spending habits.

Don't go cold turkey. Start off slowly and see how your body feels with the new eating regimen.

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