7 Tips For The Beginning Runner

Let's be honest. You might have thought about running a marathon for a while, but never started training. You may be hesitant, but the key is to take baby steps and get moving.

1. First steps

Just put on your running sneakers and get out there! Start slow by simply walking for 20 mins a few times a week. Then you can start making those longer and eventually begin jogging.

2. Adjusted nutrition

As with the running itself, focused nutrition, as part of a running for weight loss regimen, should be approached with baby steps, otherwise you could crash and burn. Maybe slowly cut back on the bag of chips and cookies. Start downloading apps to track your progress and see how your body feels incorporating healthier foods.

3. Pre & post nutrition

Although a 30-minute run doesn't require a special regimen, you can definitely optimize your energy levels with a combo of protein and carbohydrates. Maybe consider a banana and peanut butter.

4. Ask a pro

Go to an athletic store and get some advice from a salesperson on what shoes would work well for a beginner getting into running. Also, you can go to forums and see what the most active people wear and what would work with your budget.

5. When to race

Before you go on your first marathon, make sure you have a few months of training. When you're able to consistently run 30 minutes, a 5K could be a nice start before moving to bigger marathons.

6. Why run a marathon?

A marathon not only helps you see your physical prowess, but it can be a good way to motivate yourself and give you great satisfaction. Additionally, you can monitor your miles and see how you can improve them.

7. Mix it up

Some days you can run and other days try a Zumba or kickboxing class. Variety helps your body stay alert and gives you a chance to let your body cool off in case your routine gets too intense.

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