5 Steps To Becoming Happier

Happy is a very subjective state of being. It's not just about wealth or having a stable career. Take a look at what Christine Carter (a sociologist at UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center) suggests to make people feel happier.

1. Take a break

Responsibilities can be a burden when you do them day in and day out. Take a little time for yourself each day to unwind.

2. Autopilot

Lots of people spend the entire day on autopilot going through the same routine. Take time to read a book, workout, or just have a laugh or two with family.

3. Be selective

It's been in ingrained that the more we accomplish, the better people we become. Sometimes, you just need to get away from "busy" activity and slow down.

4. Cultivate relationships

Take time to connect with people. You can build new relationships slowly and strengthen the connections you have currently.

5. Do more

Also, you should chase your passion, not because it's easy. Challenge yourself to do something positive that you've wanted to for a while. It'll make your life feel more exhilarating.

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