10 Things You Should Never do After Turning 25

Well, while there are no rules for adulthood, most twenty-somethings have found the transition harder in recent years, but by making a few changes to your life, it needn't be so bad. So stick around and let Lifehack Lane take you through ten things every quarter centurion should stop doing.

1. Not caring about your appearance

When you're in High School and College, you practically have free reign to wear whatever feels most comfortable. If you want to wear a bright red shirt with various curse words printed on the front, then you'll probably get away with it and be deemed, "cool" and "out there".

But if you're still going weeks without shaving, and haven't bothered to shower in the last week, then you'll find it harder than others to get employed. You don't have to become a vain and ardent gym goer, but knowing when to look cleanand presentable every once in a while is a skill many young people struggle with.

2. Blaming your parents for everything

Increasing numbers of young people are now moving in with their parents after college. Or in Lena Dunham's case in the much-loved HBO series, 'Girls', living off the bank of mum and dad. So you might be forgiven for blaming your plight on your parent/s. It could be resentment at the fact that your generation has it much harder than there's, or that your life could have been so much better if they invested more money in your private tennis lessons.

However, look at yourself, and question what it is that you could do to move your life forward.

3. Waking up late

We all love a good lie in and having to wake up a 7 AM every morning can feel akin tobeing doused in buckets of cold water. But what can you do about it? Well, it's simple... Get yourself a better nighttime routine. Do you really need to watch that late night movie that goes until 2.30 AM?

Are you really going to benefit from rushing out the door each morning with unkempt hair instead of waking up an hour earlier and giving yourself a bit of time to prepare for the morning ahead? These are small but simple adjustments, and with time, you'll get used to it.

4. Wastingtime onyour phone and laptop

Look up, instead of down. There's a whole world out there! You're allowed to have a social media presenceand swipe right on Tinder once in a while, but doing it every waking second and not being able to do anything else will do your development no good.

Your attention span will reduce, and you'll struggle to sit still. So learn to be without technology for a good few hours each day. That way, you'll see the importance of being productive and not wasting away your hours on a plethora of pixels.

5. Being a lazy slob

This can encompass a wide variety of traits. For some, it might be applied in the literal sense. However, many forms of laziness go undetected.

For some, that might be doing everything last minute. For others, you might go to the gym or clean the house in the knowledge that you'll have little time to pursue that dream you've always wanted to be realised because you're not confident enough in your ability to make it come true. So rid putting important tasks and dreams off and instead tackle them head on and you might find yourself feeling more fulfilled.

6. Pleasing others all the time

This isn't the worse thing in the world. If anything, people pleasing is a sign of a caring and thoughtful person. However, it can lead to feelings of insecurity over whether you said the right thing or not. The solution? Let go of others' happiness.

You're a nice person, and all you can do is be yourself so don't go out of your way to show people that. They'll see it instantly, and you'll feel less stressed knowing that making others happy doesn't need to come from anyoutlandish gesture.

7. Caring what others think

Like people pleasing, valuing your life in terms of the other peoples' opinionsis often the result of underlying insecurities and fears. Where you bullied at school because of your appearance? Are you someone who needs the vindication and attraction from others to feel pretty?

These are common reasons, and while those may not directly apply to you, they can leave us feeling pretty drained and tired from trying all the time. So learn to let go, and love yourself rather than waiting to hear it from others.

8. Dating unsuitable people

It's no laughing matter, and while you may laugh at the crazy nights and drunken antics shared with previous girlfriends/boyfriends, you can easily forget the times they broke your heart. Or the arguments that took centre stage, because aside from the intimacy and gushing at their desirable looks, you probably had littlein common.

So put your dating priorities into more important traits and you'll find yourself ending up with someone a lot more suitable.

9. Overusing slang

Idiomaticlanguage can be cool and endearingandis often used when in the company of close friends and family. Still, if you continue to use said language, it will creep into all situations- including professional ones.

After all, the last thing you want to say in an interview is, "This job opportunity is sick"....

10. Complaining about life

Life isn't a montage of roses and petals. It's hard, and whether you're living in a beachside villa or a block of high-rise flats, the same problems will still arise.

Family bereavement. Personal and professional rejection. Self-doubt. It's a standard life cycle, but one which can be made a whole lot worse if you take what you have for granted.

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