10 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations In Russia

Dargavs, the City of the Dead

If you're a fan of horror movies, you'll love Dargavs. The city of the dead lives up to its name with a history of violence, death, and slaughter. Filled with incredible tombs that take on a haunting pyramid shape, this city is sure to give you the chills while providing you with an interesting history lesson in the process.

St. Petersburg

If you're headed to Russia, you need to visit St. Petersberg. Its reputation as the most beautiful city in Russia is well-deserved, with breathtaking cathedrals, museums, theaters, and much more. It's also a great destination for anyone who appreciates the fine arts, such as ballet and opera.

Altai Mountains

If you want to walk on the wild side of Russia, check out the Altai Mountains. These Siberian ridges are filled with wonderful wildlife scattered across picturesque natural landscapes. These mountains combine taiga biomes, meadows, lakes, waterfalls, and even desert steppes. These mountains are ideal if looking for some excellent photos.

Lake Baikal

As the biggest lake on Earth, Lake Baikal certainly earns its claim to fame. There are so many things to do here, from dog sledding to fishing and even thermal saunas. This tourist-friendly location is filled with all kinds of delicious seafood offerings, and it's an obvious place to visit at any time of the year.

Zapovednik 'Stolby' Nature Reserve

From mountain climbing to hiking and even volcano exploring, there are all kinds of adventures waiting for you at the Stolby Nature Reserve. Although the reserve is definitely pretty wild, civilization is always just a short car ride away. The best thing about this destination is that the nearby residents are doing everything they can to preserve the reserve's natural beauty.

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