10 Ingenious Ways People Have Cheated On Tests

Here, we profile 10 ways students cheat inexams and get away with it.

Not that we endorse cheating...

1. Vitamin WaterLabels

Water is a fundamental human right so not being allowed to take a bottle into an exam would be unusual which is why this cheating hack has been all the rage in recent years.

Preferably, the drink should be a Vitamin Water bottle because there'sa lot of text on the labels so if you're familiar with photoshop it wouldn't be hard toalter the text with a plethora of relevant information. In other cases, you can scribble the answers on the inside of the label.

2. A Hidden Cell Phone

This trick is something only the bravest can pull off, but in most cases,the risk is most definitely worth the reward. Of course, cell phones are always banned but to get around this make sure your phone stays in your pocket.

Placing it on silentto avoid detection, you will need to keep a coat or long-sleeved shirt on for this to work. While the teacher isn't looking, slip one arm out of the sleeve and dip your free arm in your pocket. That way, you can check the answers on your phone.

3. A Camaflouged Calculator

If you happen to be taking part in a test where a calculator is permitted, then a popular method of cheating employed in recent years has been to disassemble the calculator's components and replace them with a smartphone.

Better yet, any exam which permits a calculator will involve numerical questions that can be discoveredquickly on Google.

4. A Rubber Band

If you're really paranoid about getting caught but can't bear the thought of having to revise and make any effort, then this rubber band hack may just be for you. Before the days of the test, begin to wear a rubber band in your classes, so people get familiar with your new 'look'.

On the day of the test, however, you will want to inscribeyour answers onto the band. To do this, write the answers on the in and outsides of the band, with each letter being as close together as possible. After you've' done this, the letters are only readable when stretched, making your cheat-sheet of answerslook like a hipsterish design on an elastic band when in reality, you're in pole position for top marks.

5. Cheat Sheet Under Skirt

Clearly, this one isn't for boys but if you're a girl who feels cheating is your only hope then read on.

Wearing a pair of pantyhose, slip your cheat sheet onto the top part of your thigh and after you've taken your seat in the exam hall all you need to do is lift the lower half of your skirt up.

6. Hidden Earphones

It's rare that a moderator would permit headphones, but there is a way around this ban.

Wearing a long sleeve jumper or hoody, weave one of the headphones through your sleeve until it reaches the palm of your hand. That way, you can lean your ear on your hand and listen to any secret recordings, or if you want to be daring, you can evenstart a handsfree call and havea friend communicate the answers to you.

7. A Plaster

You'd have to be one big meanie to tell someone they've exaggerated an injury which is why wearing a plasterin an exam could well boost the success of your cheating endeavours.

Admittedly, peeling off half a plaster in the middle of an exam is not ideal, and it will probably sting a little, but with a full pad concealing your answers, many have taken the risk and pain that comes with it.

8. Shoes

Don't worry; it's easier than it sounds. Depending on how cool your moderators are (who let's face it, are only doing the gig for some much-needed dough), take your shoes off in the exam, making sure the sole is within easy view.

Once taken off, you can look down and have a whole cheat sheet at your disposal from writing an array of information on the sole the night before.To make things easier, it's useful to purchase a white sole and use a black/blue marker to make sure the text is visible.

9. A Transparent Mechanical Pen

Most pens are only good for one thing: getting down your thoughts. But who needs thoughts when you can insert a piece of paper into a mechanical loop?

Using a thin sheet of paper, jot down all your notes and then loop the contents into the device. From there, you should be able to spin the pen around and see all your answers.

10. Using The Toilet

If all else fails, you can exerciseyour human right and take a trip to the bathroom. You may have an examiner accompany you, but they can't go into the cubicle, and rarely will they wait in the bathroom as that would just be plain creepy.

So it's simple: attach a piece of paper to your chest and when you're in the cubicle look over all your notes and absorb the stuff you know you haven't mentioned in the exam.

To avoid detection, it's better to go no more than once, but in that time you can still refresh your brain and refer to many notes without running the risk of being caught in the less clandestine environment of an exam hall.

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