10 Apps That Will Radically Change Your Life

Of course, with well over 2m apps to choose from, finding the right apps can be tricky, so we've dug around and come up with 10 of the most life-changing apps currently available to iOS users.

1. MoneyBox

How many of us spend $3.50 a day on coffee? Or $5.60 on a burritoat lunch? With time now being aluxury to many people, finding time to cook meals and bring in our own coffee isn't always as easy as people make out, but MoneyBox aims to rectify this by rounding up your spending and depositing the remaining cash into a savings account.

By rounding up purchasesto the nearest dollar (or whatever currency you use), you'll be surprised by how much money can be saved in one calendar year.

2.iStone Travel Translation

Another translation app but this one has more specific phrases for certain situations so you know exactly what to say depending on the setting.

Available on iOS but not yet Android, iStone Travel Translation is ideal for those wanting to embrace a new language and immerse themselves in the new culture they find themselves apart of.


Pacifica is an app which helps anxiety sufferers cope with their condition. It's free, but for just $3/month and $30/year, you can have access to every one of the app's relaxation and mindfulness audio tools.

If money is tight, the free version still includes the daily mood and physical health tracker features. There's also a relax feature, which lists a variety of different exercises that can help you with your anxiety as well as a team of online therapists availableat the finger of a button.

4. Noizio

A favoritewith students, Nozio is there to take the revision blues away and help enhance the brain's ability to concentrate by offering many calming audio sounds such as "blue whales," "deep space," and "October rain."

If your studying days are long behind you, Noizio's calming sounds can also be used as a makeshift sleeping device.

5. Nike Training Club

Billed as your 'ultimate personal trainer', Nike Training Club is a brilliant app that takes you through over 100 workouts for all areas of the body. The recipientof the Clio award for the most interactive app, users can also go through a series of exercises from famous athletes.

For instance, soccer superstar and Nike athlete Cristiano Ronaldo has his own abs workout on the app. If that isn't enough of a motivation to downloadthis app and get in shape, we don't know what is.

6. Headspace

From onepersonal trainer to another.... Well, kind of. Described as a "personal trainer for your brain", Headspace intends to use the power of meditation as a tool to spur creativity, focus, happiness, and other fields of your life. Designed with beautiful illustrations, the ambient lighting of this app is just as calming as the exercises.

Like Pacifica, Headspace can help with stress and anxiety. Thatsaid, this app isn't cheap, but a 10-day free trial may convince you.


How many have us read nowadays? Not many, and even if we're lovers of literature, the chances of us being able to read as much as we'd like in an era of long working hours isn't easy, so luckily we have apps like Bookling to encourage us to keep reading!

In short, Bookling allows you to track your reading progress over time by making you keep a log of all the books you've read without other users judging your reading tastes like Goodreads allows.

8. Tinder

Beleive it or not, Tinder can also be life-changing if you're looking for more than just a hookup! For the uninitiated, Tinder is an online dating app which claims to match hundreds of millions of users a day. Devised by a handful of young Los Angeles natives, Tinder matches users by showing you profiles within a nearby radius.

If you like what you see, you swipe right. If you don't, you swipe left. If two users both swiped right, it's a match, and you can message in private. It's a fun and novel way of meeting a partner, and in many ways, Tinder has taken the pressure off people having to rely on nights out to meet people.


Showing up points of interest along your route of travel or just your current location, Roadtrippers provides information on waypoints and landmarks that meanyou can take a diversion and discover the area you are travelling through.

Perfect for road trips where you want to discover new and exciting things, not only does it tell you about what is in the area but also provides directions and reviews so you can decide what takes your fancy.

10. Tab

We've all be there. The meal has been fabulous. The time with our friends has been even better. But then there's the bill! If one person pays for it, it's a straightforward transaction. But half a dozen? That's when it becomes stressful.

Luckily, the code boffins at Tab have developed a highly innovative app that merely involves taking a photo of the bill and having the contents automatically divided by however many people are paying.

Tab also allows each person to tap their item/s if people aren't willing to pay the same amount. Multiple people can also split a communal dish. How good is that?!

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