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Harry Potter Things We Wish Were Real


People often forget that the school itself is one of the main characters of the entire story. The castle is well and truly alive will all kinds of lurking beasts, ghosts, and sentient paintings. The staircases move on their own accord, and we would love to explore all its passages one day.


Who wouldn’t want to turn into an animal whenever they wanted? Think about how cool it would be to turn into a bird and fly through the air. Or perhaps you’d rather become a massive beast such as a bear or a tiger? It’s all up to you.


The Marauders’ Map played a surprisingly large role in this story, and we wish we had our own copy. Knowing where everyone in your school is at any time would be a seriously amazing ability. Think of the possibilities…


Apparition is basically the Harry Potter equivalent of teleportation. Except it’s cooler because it doesn’t require any fancy technology – just magic! Think about how amazing it would be to apparate straight to work without having to take the bus or get stuck in traffic.


Remember when we mentioned sentient portraits? Imagine how much more entertaining that would be compared to a dumb, static painting. Why hang the Mona Lisa on your wall when you can have a painting of a living being that constantly watches you and makes comments on your life?


The invisibility cloak was introduced during the very first book, but it remains one of the coolest magical gadgets Harry ever laid hands on. Whether you’re up to no good or you’re trying to save the world, an invisibility cloak would make almost any task much easier to accomplish.


Why fly in a jet plane when you can simply hop on a broom and go a fraction of the speed? Flying on a broomstick might completely expose you to the elements and flying insects, but it’s a pretty cool way to travel if you ask us.


Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it’s obvious that Harry Potter’s depiction of these creatures is pretty interesting. Imagine everything that you could learn by conversing with the deceased? They could help us avoid the mistakes that so many others have made in the past.