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Concept Cars We Need Now!


Created by Marko Petrovic, this concept car features a buckypaper body that is lighter than carbon fiber and tougher than steel. With such advanced materials, it’s no wonder this concept car is on the top of everyone’s lists.


The Lexus LF-LC stunned testers when it was introduced a few years back, and it’s now thankfully been given the green light. One look at this car, and you can start to imagine the way future cars will be heading.


Who needs more than one seat, anyway? The Fiat Eye might not be ideal for transporting large groups, but it’s certainly a cool way to travel if you’re going solo. It’s balanced by a gyroscope, which gives the car a seriously space-age, segway-esque vibe. Voice commands are the cherry on top.


Taking inspiration from all the way back in 1964, the Ford Shelby GR-1 is a modernized version of the famed Daytona of that era. Modern muscle cars have been making a bit of a comeback as of late, and this one is bound to turn heads.


The Peugeot Onyx is another concept car that has received the green light, and you can get your hands on this futuristic hybrid sometime soon. Small, sleek, and powerful, this zippy little automobile features lightweight design and a number of sustainable, recycled materials used in its construction.


Famed industrial designer Yuhan Zhang came up with the idea for the Volkswagen Aqua, and this could be a truly all-terrain vehicle. If the rumors are true, it can move over ice, snow, or water. Some say it can even hover.


Say what you will about Citroen, but this French car company has always been at the cutting edge of futuristic design. The C-Metisse looks truly modern, and it combines a hybrid engine with a diesel engine for a truly unique automobile. Scissor doors provide the finishing touch.


Although you might be surprised to find the Ford GT90 as on a list like this, it was actually a concept car way back in 1995. The car never actually materialized, although it was featured in a number of video games.


Some of our readers might remember the Audi Sport Quattro from way back in the heyday of rallying, and fans have been calling for a revival for some time. On the 30th anniversary of Audi Sport Quattro, rumors started to spread about an updated version. Will it actually see the light of day? Who knows…


Slavche Tanevsky designed the Ankonian a while back, and many fans have compared it to a real-life Batmobile. Essentially, it’s a modified version of the Reventon, but with many new and interesting features that help it stand out.