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11 Simple Diet and Fitness Tips

Combat cocktail hour

Cocktails can be a surprisingly significant source of carbs and sugars. One way to limit the negative effects of cocktail hour is to interspace your drinks with lots of H20. Although this might not seem too interesting, you can keep it fresh with sparkling water or add some lemon!

Eat this, run that

Whenever you’re planning to do a massive workout (like a 5K run), it’s very important that you choose your meal carefully beforehand. The right meal can fuel your workout and make it more effective. A high-carbohydrate breakfast is a great option. Coffee actually helps too.

Turn your cheat day around

Treating yourself is a valuable part of pursuing a healthy diet. You don’t need to beat yourself up about having a sweet dessert every once in a while. A single day of indulging your sweet tooth won’t actually have much of an effect on weight gain anyway – as long as you’re disciplined for those other days.

Run with this

There are a number of gadgets and items you can use to make running more interesting and more effective. An iPod can help you keep going without quitting early, and a pair of sunglasses can block out harmful glare – thereby making your runs safer. You might want to bring your cell phone as well.

Be a weekend warrior

If you’re planning a weekend full of fun and temptations, consider making your workouts for that week more intense. If you work out for 15 minutes longer during your week, you can enjoy your weekends to the fullest knowing that you’ve gone the extra mile to make up for it.

Fun up your food

If you don’t make an effort to spice up your diet, it’s easy to fall back on old habits out of boredom. You can make fruits and veggies incredibly tasty with spices, herbs, and healthy sauces. Adding lemon juice to your meal can have incredible results, and it’s a healthy ingredient as well.

Up your exercise

Boosting your workout regime is always a good plan, and it keeps you pushing for higher and higher goals. But when do you know when to increase the number of miles you run each day, for instance? A good rule of thumb is to make it 10% more difficult each week.

Have a fruity ice cream sundae

You can make an ice cream sundae incredibly healthy be simply adding heaps of fruit to it. You can still get regular ice cream, but cut out the chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and every other ingredient. Just go with fruit, and the sundae will be much healthier.

Swap out your shoes

You’d be surprised at how much of an effect a good pair of shoes can have. If you’re planning on going running to boost your healthy lifestyle, a good pair of running shoes is incredibly important. Go the extra miles and splurge on a pair that actually feels comfortable. You won’t regret it.

Snag the right support

Another piece of equipment you should invest in is a good sports bra. Not all sports bras are created equal, and you need a good one to absorb impacts from running on pavement. The best sports bras are able to expand around the chest with your breathing, while still being form-fitting.

Relieve those side stitches

Runners often deal with an issue called the “side stitch,” which happens when you run for long distances and your side cramps up. One way to deal with this is to place your fist firmly beneath your rib cage while taking breaths. After taking ten steps, the pain should go away.