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10 Amazing Smartphone Apps

The smartphone era has everyone pursuing a career in photography. With more people wanting quality photos, it’s been a way to share with friends and family.

Just like with SLR and other photography, a smartphone has unique tricks to make the photos pop.

1. Know your tools

Take a look at the smartphone literature and photo photography blogs to understand what you can can’t do with your camera. Smartphones may be limited when it comes to exposure and aperture.

2. Know the apps

There are various apps available to help get over the limitations.

Camera+™ and Camera Awesome™ (Apple iOS only) have a nice editing features, such as grid, levels, editing, exposure and focus adjustment.

Here are some suggestions: Adobe Photoshop Express, Photoforge and NIK Software’s SnapSeed (iOS / Android).

3. Exposure

Exposure is always best while shooting. It doesn’t matter if you have great filter and editing apps. Natural light, shades, angles, and other outside elements make for optimal photos.

4. Composition

Good composition helps you get better looking photos regularly. Here are a few tips:

A. Pay attention to the horizons and dominant lines to ensure their leveled.

B.Be conscious of positive and negative space.

C. Watch out for cluttered backgrounds (avoid messiness that could take the focus away from your subject).

5. Framing shots

When you’re trying to add depth to your photos, objects in the foreground can help your frame your main subject with better intent. Don’t be afraid to shoot through windows, doors or other weird angles.

6. Perspective

Lay down on the floor, climb a few steps or do anything that can bring interesting perspective to your shot. Also, you can get close and focus on the small details, or go for a wide shot for better context of the whole frame.

7. B&W

When colors or lighting in an otherwise great image don’t satisfy you, black & white composition is a good alternative.

8. Cropping

If you’re unsure, always shoot wider than you need and crop the image later. Make sure you keep cropping to a minimum so your picture doesn’t become pixelated.

9. Accessories

It’s not a bad idea to invest a tripod or attachable lenses to give your smartphone pictures better depth.

10. Take more photos

When you have a smartphone, you’re not limited clicks like a normal camera. You can take as many shots as you need to get that right photo. Just keep shooting until you get that picture perfect snapshot!